We Remember Jayah Ram Jackson

Jayah Shaileya Ram Jackson, also known as Skitty~san on Flipnote Hatena, was a treasured member of the Hatena/Flipnote community, a friend to some and inspiration to many. We lost Jayah on February 13th, 2014 to suicide, and have mourned for her every year since then. This site, a permanent online memorial, is dedicated to Jayah Jackson, to remembering the times we shared with her, her creativity and expression through art, to make sure those things are not forgotten.

Additional items will be added to this page over time, including Jayah's Flipnotes, some of her artwork, and any tributes and memories you share with us.

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Our Memories

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  • Nick

    I met Jayah online on Facebook in 2011 through a mutual friend, through a lot of jokes and similar interests online we met IRL for pizza in NYC, over the next 3 years I got to know her hobbies, incredible talent for drawing and charisma. She influenced my life in ways I'll never forget.

  • Karina

    I first met Jayah in the comments of one of her flipnotes. I actually ran into her in several chat rooms the next couple days. She recognized me every time and even labeled me as her “stalker” haha. She was one of my first friends on Hatena, and she even introduced me to her other buddies. I loved those guys so much. We became Facebook married for a little while because she said she needed a committed wife. Jayah was such a sweet soul. 15 is too young.

  • Kinyo Cassidy

    Skitty San was one of the first people I ever met on hatena. The day I joined was the day I met her. I had no idea how to use flipnote or had any type of friend group. She found my flipnotes and immediately and became my friend. I was so nervous the first few times we talked cause I never had an internet friend before then. But she made everything easier for me on there and helped me open up to other people. She was so kind and always helped me out on there even if it was the littlest of problems. She even had me meet some of her friends who are now some of my favorite artist and friends to this day. We when talked she always had this outgoing funny personality that really brighten up my day. I remember meeting up in the popular chat rooms of the day and just talking about the most random silly stuff we could think of. The mvs we all made and putting ours and our friend ocs in each other’s videos. It was so nice having a friend like her. I don’t want to talk about the sad stuff but I hope she is in a better place <3 I miss you skitty-San

  • Suha

    At the time, she was the most closest online friend I had, distance wise. She lived in Manhattan and I am from Queens. We started be in friends around the end of 2012 and gradually connected through our love for K pop and art, with also her silly shit posts online. I was determined to meet her one day, which I told her a lot I would, but sadly was totally unable to because around that time, I was 14-15 and my parents gave me no freedom to try and meet her. I knew she was suicidal because of her posts on social media, I never took any of them as jokes, no matter how much she might try and turn them into jokes. I did try my best to talk to her and make her be in a better state of mind because I just felt like I related to her with this mindset. I was also extremely suicidal around that time and I am not afraid to admit it. However I did love her, she was cool, quirky, and intelligent, I couldn't NOT love her. The day people started posting "rest in peace" I was in denial, I just couldn't except the fact she really died, but article after article showed otherwise. Was I sad about it however? No, I wish she was physically there with her Soul still in her body, doing well, but I don't feel like she's totally gone, I feel like her soul and spirit is out there somewhere or at least at a better place. May she rest in peace, there has not been a single day where I forgotten about her and from the looks of all this, it doesn't seem like others have either and I am glad about that. We love you Jayah.

  • Sunny

    I met Jayah way back on flipnote. She was two years my senior. She was funny, kind, and kind of sassy at times! I learned a lot from her not just about art but about myself and life in general. After Hatena closed, we kept touch on Facebook and Haiku. I was about 13 at the time, I didn't understand mental illness that well. I feel a lot of guilt for not reaching out but as an adult now I've learned to accept the past, but there's not a day that goes by since then I dont think of her. Jayah I'm sorry I never got to see you in person but I hope that one day we can. I have so many stories I want to tell you, so many things i want to hear from you, and even though I'm not pursuing art as a career I'll always keep drawing no matter what because it makes me feel closer to you. I always keep our last conversation in the back of my mind, and all the ones before that hold a special place in my heart. youre a wonderful person and I miss you so much.

  • Adrienne (Eden)

    I remember meeting Skitty back in a group chat many years ago around 2011-2012. We instantly hit it off and wound up becoming facebook friends who would talk all the time. She would always support the series I made on Flipnote, and we made many fun memories together. I remember at one point even hoping to meet in the future because we lived not too far from one another. I was in eighth grade when she left us, and I’ve never forgotten about her. Every anniversary, I always make sure to change my profile picture to a Skitty in order for her to know that I’ll always love and remember her, and I know I’ll see her eventually.

  • Sarah (Sar<3Bear)

    When I was 16, I remember meeting Jayah through Hatena, and the Flipnote community on Facebook. We played Animal Crossing online together once or twice. I knew people were picking on her. I knew she was suicidal. And TO THIS DAY I still regret not saying something helpful to her. Bullying is not ok. If you KNOW someone is being bullied, HELP THEM.

  • Imboo/AiLobo
    Close Friend

    I first met Jayah when I was around 11-12 years old, back in 2011-2012. She was one of my first few online friends. We didn't necessarily meet in Flipnote, but we used to have a group chat in common on Skype where we'd do voice calls and all where we'd all meet together and have fun. I met her through my other friends, such as Shiro, Fran, Sky, Austin and etc.

    It's been so long that I don't remember all the people that were in it but, I met her in this old group we had and from there and out, we started interacting with each other and even to the point we became really close friends, we also had a mutual friend named Zach who I met through Jayah. She was always supportive of my Flipnotes and drawings, she also gave me tons of advice and was overall one of the best people I ever met, and I was the same way. I loved to support her with her drawings and provide advice or help when she had a problem.

    I liked talking to her a lot, we were teens and all and we've had pretty silly humor and always joked around and stuff when we used websites like ask.fm to post silly questions with each other, in general we'd always have a good time. We remained close, up until her departure.

    At the time, I was aware that she was feeling suicidal but I wasn't sure what I could do. At most I could do is provide support via text and voice since I lived very far away from her, I was even planning to meet her someday... When I would ask people for advice on how to help her, they always told me to either give her space or to give it some time. But when she passed away, I was only 13 years old at the time. I couldn't believe it, and I was in denial for so long. When my friends broke the news to me, I was crying, crying and I couldn't stop crying for weeks. I sometimes wish I could had done so much more for her when I was younger.

    I hope wherever Jayah is at, I hope she is resting well and I hope I can see her again someday. I love you so much Jayah and I still miss you to this day, I wish you could see how much I've grown as a person. Please, rest in peace Jayah. We all love you a lot. Wish you were here with us still.


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